Business is simple. All you have to do is Get Work – Do Work – Support Work. Getting Work is the hardest part, and the most time-consuming.

Now that I am not consumed with the Get Work activities, I have made a discovery. What I have discovered is that my core expertise centers around being creative. Writing. Art and design. Taking concepts and turning them into teaching tools. Solving problems.

Finding ways to share things with people, so that they can help themselves to do the things they want to do, have the things they want to have, and be who they want to be. I remain passionate about exploring, learning, sharing, and loving those closest to me.
Being with people. Asking questions. Planting in my garden and creating landscapes. Travel in the pursuit of unexplored lands, unmet people, and unseen birds. Watching birds and smelling flowers. Nature photography. Designing interior living spaces. Cooking gourmet meals and sipping red wine. Chocolate for dessert. Loving Melinda, loving my family, and loving hers. Having strong knees and good health. Hitting a golf ball straight. Painting and making birdhouses. Visiting friends. And of course, sharing deep conversations.

I am focused on my passion, my teaching and my coaching. Just being who I am.

On the Verge: Uniquely ready to serve

One of the best marketing strategies I ever employed was trying to retire. Because the need for business owners to seek advice and business expertise, and that fact that my strong Referral-Centric Network has never stopped advocating for me to their clients, I found my best opportunities to share my talents and enthusiasm with others is right now. This has given me a razor-sharp focus and uniqueness to serve those who are only the very best fit. Now I am at my best.

My priorities are changing. My engagement time is limited and becoming more selective. However, my desire to share and my value offering have never been higher. With over 40 years of experience to offer, my business knowledge, good judgment, and broad perspective put me in a unique position to offer my greatest value. I am content-rich and highly experienced. I have never been more engaging with those who jointly agree to work together.

Contact me to share a thought-provoking conversation.

“For me, it’s about exploring – learning – sharing – loving.
In the end, plant a tree in my name and enjoy the shade it creates!”
~Ron Kranz, Thought Provoker