When will you be happy?

Happiness is defined as the quality or state of being happy; good fortune; pleasure; contentment; joy. When do we reach the fulfillment of being in a state of happy?

Fulfillment relates to accomplishing a project, plan, or a goal. If the goal is to be happy, how will we ever know when we are there?

At this point in time where we are standing (or sitting) is our current benchmark. Everything comprising our life experiences that have gotten us to where we are today. Yet, we always have things to do, to accomplish, or have a goal to achieve. As soon as we reach a goal, we set another one. Higher and better than newly achieved benchmark. Does it ever end? Do we just keep setting more goals and objectives? How do we move beyond our benchmark? Will we ever fulfill our desire, our pursuit, of happiness?

Having moved from a Need To World to a Want To World, I realized the ambition of setting and achieving goals is overrated. Yes, I do have things I want to have, to do, and to be. The list is long. These are all those things I always wanted, but the Need To World got in my way. Twenty years ago I realized even when I was living and working in the Need To World, it was all about doing what you enjoyed. Oh, joy, that is related to being happy.  I learned…

…that success and fulfillment comes from the passion within us. Having achieved a level of success, I am now focused on the fulfillment piece. Being happy 😊. What makes you happy?

I understand more now about what makes me happy. You can read about that in my bio, if you like (link). Two things that serve me well now in my life are: (1) “Oh well” and (2) recognizing that it is about the journey not the outcome. If something I am doing doesn’t get done or doesn’t go as expected, “oh well”. It’s about what I am doing, not so much what I have done.

How will you find your passion to move beyond your benchmark in your pursuit of your happiness?