Leaders or managers? There is a difference – and it’s significant.

Beyond the Benchmark has developed a proprietary leadership development class called THE FIVE.

Circles of Leadership

This powerful – and most often transformational – process moves managers and individuals beyond themselves to understanding others, their teams, and creating a powerful culture throughout the organization. It is about being our authentic selves, accomplishing all that we want, and the legacy we leave in our communities.

Leadership is about understanding and developing character…your character. 

Through Ron’s proprietary leadership training and personal style, you will examine your actions and behaviors, and learn how to align them with your intentions. You will learn how your behaviors become our habits, and how your habits determine your values.  Character is defined by your values and integrity.  Your values and integrity determine your destiny. Do you know where you are headed?

Empowering your character with the useful tools we provide, you will learn to better understand yourself and others, build effective teams, and provide the vision and direction to lead teams, groups, and organizations to success.

Together we will discover the uniqueness of each other, and to use our differences to create greatness.

Learn to practice the principles of executive leadership.

Contact me to learn how you can engage you and your company in a life-changing leadership experience.