Building Loyal Clientele – Creating Financial Sustainability

After meetings, members describe the experience as…


The Peer Advisory Group is for Trusted Professionals who serve CEO’s and Business Owners and are responsible for generating a revenue stream for themselves or within an organization. Your value to your organization is based on creating value for your clients. The clientele you develop and repeatedly serve is directly related to your financial performance and the value you offer the organization you represent. You are seen by your clients as a trusted professional that offers them advice and counsel. Engaging with a group of executive peers, you will learn to better build a base of loyal clients, benefit from the advocacy of your fellow members, and celebrate an expanded business practice.

Members in the Practice Builders Group Ron leads see themselves as continuous learners, who are willing to share their experience to help others, and have the courage to face their challenges and to search for the underlying reasoning. They can accept challenge and feedback, are willing to change their perspective, and are willing to stretch their comfort zone. They are growth-oriented…personally, professionally, and organizationally.

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