What is your number? (I know mine!)

During a meeting with my financial planner we came to the conclusion that I had enough money to live on for the rest of my life. Wow! I could retire. Yet, I was not ready.

It was this discovery of financial freedom that I realized the I had just moved from the Need To World to the Want To World. It was not about the realization that I had enough money to retire; it was the realization that I no longer needed to work. I had the choice to work or not. Having choice was the freedom.

I always had heard freedom defined by Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. I never knew how liberating it felt until I had moved from the Need To World to the Want To World. That’s when I felt freedom. (Pursuit of Happiness has more to do with knowing your passion – that’s another blog.)

It all begins with knowing your number. The financial number that allows you to live in a Want To World. A world of choice. What is your number?

Everyone’s number is different. It depends on the lifestyle you want to live. I think most people just want to live the lifestyle they are currently living, just not work. Others may want a boat or RV or live on a tropical island. Whether it’s not worrying about paying monthly bills, going out for dinner, or traveling – near, far, or to the moon (that’s coming you know, at least into orbit), it’s about having enough money to do what you want.

The important thing to know is…your number.

Your number allows you to live without the need to work. You can still work, if you desire (like me – part time). That’s about living in the Want To World. I want to work because I now have more talent and experience in my career than ever before. I want to share what I know, offer my perspectives to others, and ask the inquisitive questions to learn and understand. I work because I want to (not because I need to).

The number is about your freedom.

What should be your number? How do you get there? I have some perspective on that; however, I suggest you talk to a financial planner about your number. Let me know if you need a referral; I know several good ones.

Retire? I am on the verge. There is still more to share. Contact me, we can talk about it.