My increased responsibilities meant being the Office Manager and accepting the challenge of turning around a poorly performing office of 80 people who were generating $10 million in revenue with only breakeven profitability. Silo infighting and finger-pointing had resulted in low morale and high turnover. This was a challenge I had to overcome.

Having been appointed as the leader of the firm’s second largest office, I was applying his expertise and experience to teach other professionals how to serve their clients, produce quality products, and how to earn a profit in the process. Turning around morale was a top priority.

The 80 person staff grew to 120, revenue grew to $18 million, morale went from low to high, and profits exceeded 20%. What would I contribute to this turn around?

As a result of my success, I also served as a member of the Corporate Executive Management Committee, where I applied my leadership skills and business talents to the success of the firm overall. I participated in setting national strategic directives, monitored the performance of new initiatives, developed corporate-wide training programs, set policy, and tracked the performance of firm’s 20 national offices. Mentoring other profit center directors re-enforced My passion for teaching and coaching.