Who is your ideal client?

Highly successful marketing is about knowing your core competencies and being razor-focused on your Ideal Bull’s-eye Client.

Generally, 80% of your revenue comes 20% of your clients. That means 80% of your clients only generate 20% of your revenue.

Your ideal clients only represent 20% of all your clients. The rest of your clients could be a unique opportunity; however, most are unprofitable distractions.

  • Time to focus on the bull’s-eye, not the target
  • What are the trigger points that create the need for your potential clients?
  • Who will be in the room when the need arises?

Trigger Point Marketing

Referral-Centric Marketing defines your Ideal Bull’s-eye Client, identifies the trigger points, and teaches you to develop the referral relationships to focus your best efforts on the best opportunities at a low cost and in a highly effective manner. It’s called, the Perfect Circle.

“Everyone I talk to tells me they want their clients to come from referrals. When I ask them, ‘what is your referral generating process?’ They can’t tell me.” ~ Ron Kranz

The Perfect Circle is how you develop the relationships that lead to highly effective results, and your best clients. Some call it, manufacturing luck.

At Beyond the Benchmark, I know how to manufacture luck. Contact me.